WDXRF - S8 TIGER Series 2 - Accuracy for Industrial Quality and Process Control

The S8 TIGER Series 2 XDXRF spectrometer utilizes HighSense technology to provide precision and accuracy for all elements for industrial quality and process control.

Combining outstanding detection of light, medium and heavy elements according to the novel HighSense path, with high resolving WDXRF technology, the XRF2 mapping tool featured in the S8 TIGER Series provides optimal resolution, sensitivity, and the smallest spot size for small spot applications.

For ensuring efficiency and optimal analytical data, it is crucial that operation is failsafe and ergonomic. The multilingual TouchControl interface ensures intuitive, straightforward start of samples.

HighSense Technology

Innovation HighSense technology for WDXRF provides an outstanding linear dynamic range which enables greater precision levels for process and quality control in ceramics, glass, metals, mining, minerals and cement.

XRF2 Small Spot Mapping

The S8 TIGER Series 2 utilizes XRF2 Small spot mapping to produce comprehensive maps of the elemental distribution in materials. A 300 μm spot size enables the XRF2 to achieve the highest  possible resolution for a WDXRF device.

EZ Ergo- Easy Operation

A failsafe and intuitive operation is included, utilizing the new multilingual TouchControl interface. With Easy Load it is engineered for high sample throughput. Cheap to operate and featuring an exceptional instrument uptime, the SampleCare EZ ergo is a vital and novel feature.

S8 TIGER Series 2: WDXRF Spectrometer

HighSense Technology
XRF2 Small spot mapping
EZ Ergo - Easy Operation

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