2D Gas Chromatography with Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer - Pegasus® 4D-C

Pegasus HT-C TOFMS coupled with GCxGC, enhances the dynamics when evaluating complex specimens. No longer confined to two analytical dimensions, Pegasus 4D-C system gives you four dimensions of analytical resolution for a more conclusive sample assessment. With GCxGC from LECO, you can detect hundreds-to-thousands more components than earlier seen using traditional one dimensional GC.

Easy-to-use, powerful Windows®-based ChromaTOF® software eases component recognition—offering a significant rise in productivity and efficiency.


  • Cohesive control of all modulator, GC, autosampler system, and TOFMS parts
  • Full quantitative assessment of target analytes
  • Qualitative evaluation with True Signal Deconvolution® and Automated Peak Find algorithms

* EPA has approved LECO DFTPP tuning criteria for use, including 8270, 1625, 525.2, and 625 methodologies. Please contact us for more information.


Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography

Dual stage-quadjet modulator and secondary oven are fitted inside primary GC oven. Controls of the GC, autosampler, Pegasus TOFMS, and GCxGC Thermal Modulator from LECO, are completely integrated within a single computer utilizing ChromaTOF software from LECO.

ChromaTOF® Software

ChromaTOF software has been developed wholly by LECO’s own team of software engineers. It is uniquely created to fulfill the requirements of today’s laboratory personnel from the metabolomics, flavor/food/ fragrance, petrochemical, and environmental industries. ChromaTOF utilizes Automated Peak Find and advanced True Signal Deconvolution® algorithms, Compare and Classification functions, and a range of other user-friendly features to pull out and process necessary information which is obtained based on the use.

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