The MicromATR™ from Czitek


  • Highest throughput, cost effective diamond ATR accessory
  • Versatile macro and micro ATR sampling
  • Complete mid- and far-IR spectral range
  • Kinematic ATR sampling plates provide optimal position
  • Compatible with a broad range of ATR crystal plates
  • Compact optical design fits your FT-IR

The MicromATR, a new product from Czitek, has the highest optical throughput of a monolithic diamond accessory, and is compatible with crystal plates from several other manufacturers. Since the crystal has a small diameter, a broad range of samples from the macro- to the micro-scale can be sampled.

MicromATR makes sampling fast and easy. Effortless operation of the pressure clamp ensures uniform and high pressure on the sample, making it easy to obtain excellent ATR spectra from all types of samples.

Diamond is recommended for most applications as it provides a durable scratch-proof sampling surface. With the Diamond XR plate, the full spectrum of mid- and far-IR spectral range can be obtained, as well as a view of the sample through the crystal. The Diamond HT (high throughput) plate delivers maximum IR signal and highest signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for even the most difficult samples.

Other options for crystal plates for the MicromATR include germanium for high refractive index samples, Diamond 3X (3 reflection), and Diamond 9X (9 reflection) crystal plates (limited pressure) for low concentration samples and liquids. Exchanging the crystal plates, which are kinematic, is easy as no alignment, tools, or screws are required.


  • Drug characterization
  • Forensic science
  • Fiber analysis
  • Contaminant identification
  • Surface defect characterization


. .
ATR crystal plates Diamond XR (to 10 cm-1)
Diamond HT (to 500 cm-1)
Ge (to 600 cm-1)
Diamond 3X (to 650 cm-1)
Diamond 9X (to 650 cm-1)
Crystal Plate Mount Kinematic, magnetically fixed
ATR Crystal Dimensions 2.5 mm diameter
(Diamond XR and HT)
4.3 mm (Diamond 3X)
6 mm (Diamond 9X)
Crystal plate material Stainless steel
Angle of incidence 45°
Focus optics reflective
Pressure clamp Handle-lock, adjustable
Torque knob
Maximum 30,000 psi (Diamond XR and HT versions)
Purge enclosure Smallest purge volume
Purge / Seal tubes included
Dimensions 4.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches
114 x 90 x 90 mm
Upgrade kit MicromATR Vision™ Video Microscopy
FT-IR Compatibility Most (please contact Czitek)

The MicromATR™ from Czitek

ATR spectrum of polydimethyl siloxane collected using a 20 second scan time and 4 cm-1 spectral resolution.
ATR IR Spectrum of gypsum, an important mineral for use in very many products including construction products.

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