The SurveyIR™ from Czitek

The SurveyIR is a new FT-IR microspectroscopy accessory from Czitek. A unique ergonomic design allows the operator to interact with the instrument effortlessly. Its compact configuration and an optical design that requires no alignment makes it easy to mount it in the FT-IR sample compartment and is compatible with most FT-IR spectrometers in the market.

A 5 MP color video camera with a 1900 µm field of view produces visual images suitable for research. The viewing optics have a high depth of field that helps find samples quickly and allows alignment in the reflection, transmission, and attenuated total reflection (ATR) modes.

Locating samples with a traditional IR system can be difficult, but the illumination optics and the simple sample stage controls along with the high depth of field make locating samples very easy using the SurveyIR. Three on-board LED illumination modes are available (transmission, reflection, and oblique or dark field), which ensures outstanding contrast for a variety of samples.

The clip-on diamond ATR provides excellent viewing quality and coupling of the sample with the ATR, making it easy to work with samples and see when the sample is contacted. Czitek’s contact alert along with the clip-on ATR checks the force constantly to ensure proper sample contact.

The accessory also allows for viewing and manipulating the sample, while obtaining the spectra at the same time. The IR performance is controlled using the FT-IR’s on-board detector in the reflection, transmission, and ATR modes.

The sample can be controlled by manually adjusting the standard microscope controls such as the 1 x 3 inch travel x, y stage, coarse/fine focus, and condenser focus adjustments.


  • Easily works with most commercially available FT-IR spectrometers with no alignment required
  • IR collection in transmission, reflection, and ATR modes
  • Transmission, reflection, and oblique (dark field) illumination modes
  • Clip-on ATR crystal disks are available in diamond, germanium, and zinc selenide
  • Offers complete mid-IR and far-IR spectral range, limited only by spectrometer optics
  • 2X optical magnification yields 0.7 µm/pixel in the sample plane
  • eSpot software controls variable illumination, IR collection mode, variable image mask, and ATR contact alert
  • Variable image masks from 2000–60 µm, controlled via the eSpot software
  • Uses a USB 2.0 cable and 5V DC as power supply

New! eSpot™ Software

Image display and capture, manipulation, measurement, storage, and documentation are made easier by the new Czitek eSpot software. The software also acts as an interface for selecting the IR mode, illumination, and the sample size using six aperture settings to 60 µm. From a drop-down menu at the top of the screen, the desired mode can be selected. This makes switching between different modes of data collection or illumination very simple.


Purging is done using the quick disconnect ¼” tube fitting on the back of the instrument and adjustable purge tubes that are compatible with almost all commercially available spectrometers. The purge volume is also quite small because of the ergonomic and compact design.


  • FT-IR microspectroscopy of fibers, paints, polymers, fabrics, pharmaceutical active ingredients, excipients, narcotics, explosives and minerals
  • Analytical Services
  • Quality Assurance
  • Science Education
  • Forensic Labs
  • Drug Characterization
  • Fiber Analysis
  • Contaminant Identification
  • Surface Defect Characterization
  • Art Conservation

The c from Czitek

Figure 1. Impurity in paper under oblique illumination
Figure 2. Paint chip under reflected illumination
Figure 3. Worested wool fiber under transmitted illumination
Figure 4. Ink Dots on paper viewed through the clip-on diamond ATR with oblique illumination
Figure 5. Clip-on ATR for SurveyIR
SurveyIR Image-1
SurveyIR Image-2
SurveyIR Image-3

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