Microfocus X-Ray CT System - inspeXio SMX-225CT

The inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR — a highly versatile micro-focus X-ray computed tomography system — can generate high-resolution and high-contrast X-ray images for accurate internal structure analysis of materials, ranging from carbon fiber reinforced plastics to aluminum die-cast parts.

The proprietary control and reconstruction software automatically optimizes the scan parameters, enabling intuitive operation and high-throughput data analyses. Moreover, samples can be easily loaded and positioned, and the high-performance computing system makes it possible to test many samples in a short period of time.

The inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR is suitable for high-resolution and high-contrast micro-focus X-ray computed tomography applications.


Easy Sample Loading and Parameters Setting for Quick Initiation

Sample loading and positioning is guided by an observation camera, and parameter setting is completed rapidly by selecting the material and image quality. The system does not require calibration and is initialized in a fast and intuitive manner.

Easy Sample Loading and Parameters Setting for Quick Initiation

Improved Productivity

The high-performance computing system of the inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR considerably reduces analysis time by running data collection and calculation simultaneously. Computational processing for the latest HPC inspeXio system is about 50 times faster than the earlier version.*

*When the CT image size is 1,024 x 1,024 pixels

Clear and Detailed Images for Precise Analysis

Up to 14-megapixel input resolution is achieved by a large, high-resolution flat panel detector. The acquired projection data can be composed of up to 4,096 matrix sizes.

Application Versatility

A wide range of samples can be analyzed by the inspeXio SMX-225CT FPD HR system. Large samples measuring up to 400 mm in diameter with a maximum height of 300 mm can also be accommodated, and owing to the 225 kV maximum penetration ability, even one-inch thick iron plates are penetrated. Moreover, the combination of a newly designed X-ray tube window and a larger detector with a wide dynamic range results in high-contrast images of low-density materials. Various CT scan modes also aid in analyzing different sizes of samples without damaging or losing magnification.


Accidents are prevented by the following safety features:

  • Collision Sensor and Software Limit: With a collision sensor and software limit function, samples are prevented from hitting the X-ray tube while positioning.
  • Anti-Pinch Prevention: The sliding door through which samples are loaded is quite heavy and produces considerable inertia when it is closed and opened. Here, the door safety lock mechanism prevents operators from accidentally pinching their fingers.
  • Door Interlock: The maintenance doors as well as the sliding door are fitted with interlock switches, which disable X-ray generation upon opening a door. 
  • Radiation Leakage Prevention: The wall of the shield box is composed of sandwich panels that contain lead and steel plates. These plates are bonded to one another and welded to a steel frame.

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