Quantitative Analysis of Liquid Samples with SmartSea Liquid Transmission Cells

Liquid Transmission Cells for FTIR Spectrometers from PIKE Technologies

These Liquid Transmission Cells are perfect for quantitative analysis of liquid samples, particularly where precise, reproducible pathlength is needed.

Easy for Use in FTIR Spectrometers

Each cell comes mounted on a 2” x 3” slide mount card, which is compatible with all FTIR spectrometers. It also includes Luer-Lok™ fittings for easy syringe filling of the sample. The transparent aperture of the assembled cell is 13 mm. PIKE SmartSeal Cells are available in a vast variety of window materials and sampling pathlengths.

Feature Highlights

  • Leak-proof
  • Long-lasting sampling
  • Cost efficient
  • Fully RoHS compliant
  • Permanently mounted cell with fixed pathlength to provide maximum reproducibility of sample absorbance
  • Flexible window selection for optimizing spectral range and sample compatibility
  • Full range of cell pathlengths for optimized quantitative measurements
  • Compatible with all FTIR spectrometers

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