Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer - DMA/SDTA 1+

Setting new market standards and offering unique, forward-thinking performance benefits, the Mettler Toledo DMA/SDTA1+ offers unparalleled analysis.

Features and Benefits

The unit offers a frequency range of up to 1,000 Hz, utilizing a dedicated force sensor for the accurate determination of moduli and material behavior simulation. The DMA/SDTA1+ also boasts the following features:

  • Unique measurement of both force and displacement, resulting in a highly accurate determination of moduli.
  • A wide force range from 1 mN to 40 N. This allows the accurate measurement of samples ranging from the very soft to the very stiff.
  • This wide stiffness range means that almost any sample can be accurately measured, from the glassy to the liquid state in a single run.
  • A broad frequency range from 0.001 to 1,000 Hz, allowing the user to perform measurements under genuine conditions or if required, more rapidly at higher frequencies.
  • The DMA Experiment Wizard application allows you to create the ideal experiment in any situation, guaranteeing the best results every time.
  • The unit’s ergonomic design and easy to use touch-screen controls ensure that experiments can be set up and optimized quickly and efficiently.
  • The patented SDTA technique allows the user to calibrate sample temperature, accurately measuring thermal effects.
Dynamic mechanical analyzer (DMA) from METTLER TOLEDO

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