High Resolution Gas & Vapor Sorption Analyzer, with Next Generation Microbalance Design for High Pressure & Corrosive Capability

Introducing XEMIS

The XEMIS series of gravimetric sorption analyzers offers high accuracy analysis up to 200 bar. They operate by measuring changes in sample mass as a function of applied pressure and temperature, using this information to determine sorption kinetics, isotherms and isobars.

The XEMIS series features active pressure regulation from 10-2 mbar: a controllable pressure range covering 7 orders of magnitude. They are designed for operation with a wide range of gas and vapor species including corrosives and flammables.

Designed to consistently offer reproducible, high accuracy and high resolution measurements - even when dealing with small uptakes or samples sizes – the XEMIS series offers performance rarely seen in a high-pressure sorption analyzer.

Key Features & Benefits

  • High pressure TGA, isotherm and isobar measurements in one automated analyzer
  • Compatible with gases and vapors that are flammable, corrosive or toxic
  • Symmetric geometry, with ultra-low total system buoyancy for high accuracy measurements at high pressures
  • Measurements at temperatures from 77 K to 500 °C
  • Fast, accurate analysis of both equilibria and kinetics using the IGA method
  • Full automation with advanced programmability
  • Widest controllable pressure range of any gravimetric sorption analyzer: active pressure regulation over 7 orders of magnitude
  • Unique Exosensing Technology designed for operation with aggressive species
  • Optimal performance with sample sizes from 1 mg to 5 g

The IGA Method

Hiden Isochema’s unique IGA method is utilized at every step of the gravimetric sorption measurement process. Temperature and pressure are actively regulated throughout the whole process, with resultant changes in sample weight recorded continuously.

Kinetic weight data is analyzed in real time, with the trend toward equilibrium predicted and shown on screen. Equilibration criteria are used to objectively calculate the period allowed before the measuring process moves on to the next pressure or temperature value. As well as recording the full raw data, the instrument plots each equilibrium point on an isobar or isotherm.

This method allows consistent analysis with optimum measurement accuracy, resulting in much quicker overall process times.


Typical applications include:

  • VOC filtration
  • Thermochemical energy storage
  • Toxic gas storage and separation

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