Kinexus DSR-III: Dynamic Shear Rheometer for the Asphalt / Bitumen Industry

The Kinexus DSR-III is part of a standard dynamic shear rheometer package designed to meet the demanding needs of research, product development, comparative benchmarking, quality control and assurance mandated by the global Asphalt/Bitumen Industry with true ‘plug and play’ functionality for all measuring systems and environmental control units.

The Kinexus DSR-III enables pioneering Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) based testing while providing access to a full range of standard rheological tests with total flexibility of test design and set-up.

The system applies controlled shear deformation to a sample, allowing measurement of flow properties (such as shear viscosity from flow tests) and dynamic material properties (such viscoelastic modulus and phase angle from oscillation tests).

The rheometer consists of several vital components to ensure robust, reliable and available rheological measurements for a particular sample or application:

Rheometer base unit. Control of key system functions: torque (for stress control), rotational position change (for strain or rate control), normal force and vertical position change (for sample loading and gap set).

Measuring system or geometry. The measuring system connects the rheometer and the sample and explains the applied shear field. The type of measuring system must be fitting to the sample type and the test under consideration.

Temperature or environmental control unit. Precise control is vital since rheological properties are a strong function of temperature and environmental conditions especially for asphalt.

Instrument software. Rheological testing can be, by its nature, relatively complex to set up. Malvern Panalytical’s SOP approach to material testing has been enhanced in rSpace software to develop and streamline user interaction, and to bring ‘expert system’ guidance and SOP-driven testing for standard asphalt testing and general rheological measurements for the first time.

Feature Highlights

  • Grade testing to industry standards such as AASHTO and EN specifications with Time-Temperature Superposition for master curve generation.
  • Range of measurement geometries optimized for rheological characterization of liquid binders through to solid asphalt cores.
  • All modes of rheological operation – stress control, shear rate control and direct strain controlled oscillation at demand strain amplitude for accurate control of sample strain history.
  • Unique rSpace software interface that offers total flexibility of test set-up - from sequence-driven Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)-type functionality to fully customizable test design.
  • Smart geometry recognition with full auto-configuration and user feedback on system status to guarantee robust data for all measurements.
  • Comprehensive sample history from the point of loading onto the rheometer available in data file as standard – since ensuring dependable rheology data for complex materials like asphalt begins before a measurement takes place.
  • Exceptional vertical travel and gapping capabilities with ultra-responsive and highly sensitive normal force system for class-leading performance.
  • Unique ‘plug and play’ cartridge system for all temperature and environmental controllers – all mechanical, power, communication and fluid connections made in one simple action.
  • Multifunctional accessory design – plate cartridges with interchangeable lower plates and cylinder cartridges with interchangeable cups - for a cost-effective solution and widest application coverage.

Kinexus DSR-III: Dynamic Shear Rheometer for the Asphalt / Bitumen Industry

Kinexus DSR-III: Dynamic Shear Rheometer for the Asphalt / Bitumen Industry - Picture 1
Kinexus DSR-III: Dynamic Shear Rheometer for the Asphalt / Bitumen Industry - Picture 2

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