In-Situ Camera - K2 IS

Leveraging the speed, sensitivity and radiation hardness of the patented K2 Summit sensor; the K2 IS allows researchers to extend their work to the shortest time resolution with fully usable frames.

The K2 IS is the highest performance in-situ camera to resolve dynamic details in heating, catalysis, mechanical deformation, STEM diffraction, electrical testing, and chemical reaction experiments.

Feature Highlights

  • 14.2 Megapixel direct detection sensor reads out at 400 fps with each frame delivering a usable image
  • Highest DQE maximizes signal-to-noise ratio
  • Full- or sub-area sampling at rates up to 1,600 fps
  • Direct data storage with >15 minutes capture time, regardless of frame rate
  • Longest direct detector lifetime even when using highest dose rates
  • Streamlines large dataset management for both novice and expert users
  • Video buffer allows you to capture only the video you want; with post-event triggering and LookBack
  • Never miss the start of an in-situ reaction again
  • Retains full capabilities of K2 Summit modes (counting and super-resolution) for beam-sensitive materials for both materials science (zeolite, metal-organic framework (MOF)) and biological applications (cryo-tomography, SPA) structural characterization

In-Situ Camera - K2 IS

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