Thermo Scientific Explorer 4 Analyzer: SEM Solution for QC, Production Process Optimization and Failure Analysis

Designed primarily as an industrial microscopy solution, the Explorer™ 4 Analyzer from Thermo Scientific™ is a scanning electron microscope (SEM), ideal for failure analysis, production process optimization and quality control; all the while ensuring efficiency and profitability.

Developed with industrial production environments in mind, the Explorer™ 4 Analyzer can be utilized within the most demanding applications and sectors such as oilfield, industrial, military and factory floor environments. Using cutting edge SEM technology alongside EDX spectrometry, the Explorer™ 4 Analyzer offers specialist automated particle analysis, and is able to quickly characterize the shape, size and elemental composition of a whole sample.

The Explorer™ 4 Analyzer can quickly turn data into knowledge, meaning that users in an industrial setting are able to make essential quality control decisions with confidence and ease.

Explorer 4 Analyzer for Industrial Manufacturing

Customers in industrial manufacturing settings require constant and reliable quality control, cleanliness, production capacity and profitability. Solutions from Thermo Scientific™ deliver trustworthy results every time.

The automotive sector relies on the monitoring of cleanliness in the fluid systems of motor vehicles, where being able to effectively identify the source of any potential contamination can help reduce failure rates and warranty costs. With an Explorer™ 4 Analyzer system, monitoring this process is simple.

Similarly, being able to automatically detect and classify inclusions in the production of steel and other non-ferrous metals means that manufacturers are able to improve productivity and product quality while ensuring cost savings.

As part of an automated solution for wear debris characterization, an Explorer™ 4 Analyzer system can help manufacturers achieve never before seen standards of quality control and cleanliness, right on the production floor.

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