Thermo Scientific Q250 SEM for Materials Science

The Thermo Scientific™ Q250 scanning electronic microscope (SEM) allows users to investigate a variety of materials while characterizing their composition and structure. Using elemental data from the UltraDry™ EDS detector alongside compositional and surface images, the Q250 is able to provide a high-throughput data analysis solution for laboratories with ever-changing research and analysis needs.

Better Data, More Flexibility and Higher Efficiency

Contemporary research extends far beyond coated samples and simple metals. The Thermo Scientific™ Q250 analytical SEM is able to meet today’s needs; offering unmatched quality in terms of images and analysis, as well as being able to work with a variety of samples from fractures, metals and polished sections through to non-conductive soft materials.

Featuring three imaging modes - ESEM™ (Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy), high vacuum and low vacuum – the Q250 is the most advanced and adaptable solution for both current and future research applications.

It is able to accommodate an unparalleled range of samples including:

  • corrosion/oxidation samples
  • plastics, ceramics, composites
  • coatings and films
  • soft materials including polymers, gels and pharmaceuticals
  • porous materials, particles, fibers

A Complete EDS Solution Provided by the UltraDry™ Detector with Pathfinder Software

The UltraDry™ EDS detector ensures high-throughput analysis coupled with accurate detection and quantification of light elements. This information is provided by the Pathfinder X-ray microanalysis software platform using a variety of techniques including point ID, spectrum mode, 2D spectral imaging and line scanning. The Pathfinder software also offers:

  • Extreme element mapping including peak deconvolution, background subtraction and quantitative analysis in each pixel, both in live settings and in postprocessing
  • Automatic compensation for drift
  • An unlimited software site license for offline processing and analysis

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