Platinum-based labware is highly resilient to chemical and temperature-based corrosion, meaning it can be used in thousands of samples providing simple guidelines are adhered to. In order to get the maximum benefit from products, its necessary to ensure all tools needed are obtained to maintain the health of the equipment.

XRF Scientific’s polishing kit is designed to increase the product lifetime by maintaining the mould surface.

Feature Highlights

  • Polishing Lathe (Variable Speed, 650 mm length; 23.5 kg) 240 V AC/50 Hz or 120 V AC/60 Hz
  • Crucible and Mould Polishing Jigs
  • Polishing Paste (3 & 8 Diamond Paste)
  • Polishing Oil & Pump Pack
  • 1000 Grit Paper
  • Soft & Hard Felt Pads

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