Aluminum Faced Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Panels - Cellite™ 220

The Cellite™ family of Sandwich Panels has been used for many years to build composite components, bonded assemblies, and lightweight structures for the marine, defense, aerospace, rail, and motorsports industries. The panels can be machined, fabricated, and assembled into many types of structures for a broad range of applications in various industries.

The exceptional features of the Sandwich Panels are derived from a blend of facing skins and core, bonded using high-performance adhesive. By tailoring the separate elements to meet individual conditions, the subsequent benefits can be used for many applications where low weight and high stiffness are particular necessities.

TRB Lightweight Structures offers many different standard Cellite Panels as well as customized products to cater to individual requests.

Size Availability

. .
Width 2500 mm ± 4 mm
Length 1250 mm ± 3 mm
Overall thicknesses 13.70 mm;
26.40 mm;
51.80 mm



. .
Skins (both faces) Aluminum alloy 5251 H22/24 at 0.5 mm thick
Core Aluminum honeycomb 5.2-¼ 25N (3003)
Adhesive High-performance epoxy film adhesive (80 °C service temperature) - others available upon request.


Cellite™ 220 Aluminium Faced Aluminium Honeycomb Sandwich Panels

Overall panel thickness
Core thickness
Approximate weight
Long Beam deflection @445n
Climbing Drum Peel
13.70 12.70 13.70 3.40 290
26.40 25.40 17.00 0.90 290
51.80 50.80 23.60 0.20 290


The Cellite 220 Panel complies with IMO Resolution A653 (16) amendment resolution 61 (67) and IMO Resolution MSC 61 (67) 1996. Upon request, copies of Warrington Fire Research Centre test reports 72119 and 72120 can be issued.

The Cellite 220 style panels with decorative FR grade laminates adhere to BS6853:1999 for Rail Interiors.

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