Fiber Faced Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Panels - Cellite™ 620

For many years, the Cellite™ range of Sandwich Panels has been used to manufacture bonded assemblies, composite components, and lightweight structures for the marine, aerospace, rail, defense, and motorsports industries. The panels can be machined, fabricated, and assembled into a variety of structures for a broad range of applications in numerous industries.

The unique features of the Sandwich Panels are derived from a mixture of facing skins and core, bonded using high-performance adhesive. By tailoring the individual elements to match individual criteria, the resulting benefits can be used for several applications where low weight and high stiffness are specific requirements.

TRB Lightweight Structures offers a variety of standard Cellite Panels as well as customized products to meet individual requests.

Size Availability

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Width 2440 mm ± 5 mm
Length 1220 mm ± 4 mm
Overall thicknesses 13.80 mm;
26.50 mm;
51.90 mm



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Skins Woven Glass Cloth, weight 380 gsm, impregnated with an epoxy resin system which also acts as the adhesive bond to the core. 2 ply each face.
Core Aluminum honeycomb 5.2-¼ 25N (3003) (80 °C service temperature) - others available upon request.


Cellite™ 620 Fibre Faced Aluminium Honeycomb Sandwich Panels

Overall panel thickness
Core thickness
Approximate weight
Long Beam eflection @445n
Climbing Drum Peel
(N/76 mm)
13.80 12.70 9.20 8.90 300
26.50 25.40 12.55 2.00 300
51.90 50.80 20.80 1.00 300


The core thicknesses have been precisely selected to facilitate the use of aluminum extrusion and other typical imperial dimensioned materials for inserts, panel edging, and joining techniques.

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