High Dimensional Stability Silicon Carbide Materials - HalSiC

A wide range of silicon carbide materials is manufactured for Morgan Advanced Materials under the Haldenwanger brand.

These materials exhibit exceptional performance and display high dimensional stability in extreme temperature environments, especially where there is a high mechanical strain. In addition to these features, the individual materials also possess the following properties:


  • Lightweight
  • Very high strength >150 MPa
  • A longer life as a result of specially designed self-glazing


  • Classic ceramic for high-temperature constructions
  • Reliable bonding of coatings
  • Large dimension components possible
  • Compact matrix with open porosity
  • Resistance to strong acids and alkalis
  • Application temperature: 1,600 °C (2,912 °F) (oxidizing) and approx. 2,000 °C (3,632 °F) (under protective atmosphere)


  • Compact matrix with open porosity
  • Excellent oxidation resistance
  • Increased lifetime
  • Ideal material for porcelain fast-firing
  • Large dimension components possible
  • Reliable bonding of coatings
  • Application temperature: up to 1,650 °C (3,002 °F) (oxidizing)


  • Reaction-bonded SiC matrix, free of pores, with residual metallic silicon
  • Large dimensions components possible
  • Corrosion-resistant against strong acids and alkalis
  • High-temperature ceramic for highest mechanical loads
  • Silicon-infiltrated reaction-bonded silicon carbide (SiC)
  • Excellent good oxidation resistance
  • Application temperature: up to 1,350 °C (2,462 °F)

This range of silicon carbide products provides an excellent choice for kiln furniture as well as thermocouple protection tubes for submersion into light metal melts, including Magnesium, Aluminium, and Zinc.

Morgan Advanced Materials works closely with its customers to select the right HalSiC material for their end application ensuring optimum energy, weight-saving, and lower lifetime cost.

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