The ICP-OES spectrometer accessories from HORIBA Scientific complete the ICP-OES spectrometer for user’s specific requirements.


AS 500 Autosampler

The programmable autosampler has random access and up to 360 samples in position. There is a choice of a range of racks and ability to function with user-defined trays and racks.

Far UV Analysis

For far UV analysis of the halogen elements, an extension to 120 nm or the use of alternative wavelengths is available.


Rapid, full spectrum acquisition is provided on any HORIBA Scientific sequential ICP-OES spectrometer. Automatic semi-quantitative analysis for all elements is possible without retrospective analysis, calibration, and automatic identification of unidentified elements.

Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen generation from the air is possible for purging the ICP-OES spectrometers. Purge enhances the sensitivity for wavelengths below 190 nm and extends the lifespan of the optics.

Water Chiller

Safe, environmentally-friendly, and controlled means of cooling the torch coil and the RF generator.

Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Enhance the sensitivity of one’s instruments up to a possible order of magnitude with the USN.

Argon Humidifier

By saturating the nebulizer Argon flow with water, clogging occurrence of the nebulizer and sample deposition in the injector capillary can be reduced.

CMA Hydride Generator

The Concomitant Metals Analyzer (CMA) hydride generation system provides concurrent analysis of hydride and non-hydride elements without the need for sample pre-treatment. Improvement in the detection limits, 10 to 20 times, can be seen for the hydride elements and 50 times improvement for Hg.

Optical Upgrades

A simultaneous optic can be added to a HORIBA Scientific sequential system so as to create a combination ICP OES system with improved sample throughput.

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