Total Organic Carbon Monitor for Pharmaceutical Applications - Online TOC-Analyzer HT-110

HT-110, a continuous online TOC-analyzer, is best suited for measuring total organic carbons in highly purified water (HPW), water for injection (WFI), and purified water (PW). The system complies with USP 643 and can be applied to semiconductor and/or pharmaceutical manufacturing. It performs measurements based on UV-oxidation as well as measurement of the difference in conductivity. It is essential to measure TOC concentration (of less than or equal to 500 ppbC) to perform quality control in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


  • Determining UV-oxidation and conductivity: This technique avoids the need for carrier gases and reagents. It enables accurate measurement to be performed at low concentrations, such as for instance in WFI areas, while simultaneously reducing the operation cost.
  • Maintenance cycle: “ONLY ONCE PER YEAR”— maintenance only includes annual calibration and annual UV-lamp exchange
  • “Debubbler” integrated: Most often, the presence of bubbles in production systems leads to unstable readings in various instruments. The integrated “Debubbler” prevents the impact of air and ensures a stable measurement.
  • Reference solutions for System Suitability Test (SST): Sucrose and 1,4 Benzoquinone
  • Ability to choose between three installation techniques: Can be installed on a desktop, wall, or pole
  • Complies with United States Pharmacopeia: USP <643>
  • Optional external ON/OFF control of contact input terminals

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