OPSA-150 - Organic Pollutant Monitor

The OPSA-150 is an innovative organic pollutant monitor equipped with HORIBA’s proprietary Rotary Cell Length Modulation, a measurement method encompassing 25 years of expertise.

The system can be used as an organic pollutant monitor for drainage systems to ascertain conformity with COD monitoring regulations, while monitoring quality of water measuring levels of organic matter in water supply intakes, as well as an organic monitor (phenol meter) on production lines.

The optional features available are an analysis panel, an outdoor cover, and a pole mount.


Sensor That Makes Full Use of Rotary Cell Length Modulation (Patent Pending)

  • Cell length modulation enables readings from numerous measurements to be acquired, offering results from different cell lengths. This facilitates the single device to measure a wide array of concentrations from as low as 0–0.1 Abs to 0–5.0 Abs.
  • Zero drift correction can be carried out in each measurement cycle, thereby eliminating the influence of any interference on cells

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