High Performance Electron-Beam Lithography System by Vistec – Vistec SB3050 Series


Now available, the choice of a Cell Projection in the Vistec SB3050, as part of the promise we have made to semiconductor manufacturing specialists. Deliberately made to overcome difficulties that can be experienced when patterning down direct to the 32 nm equipment node, it showcases Variable Shape Beam (VSB) technology, as well as vector scan and uninterrupted moving stage principles for throughput optimization.

Over 10 systems of the 300 mm product concept have been set up and applied successfully in the field across the globe.

Cutting edge substrate handling, advanced electron-optical 50 keV column and maximum precision stage system, complement each other, together, in the Vistec SB3050 series, designed especially to certify high standard resolution functioning.

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is production-compatible, allowing users to benefit from simple integration into computer integrated manufacturing (CIM). This gives users the ability to highlight both masks as well as templates and wafers. This makes the SB3050 exposure instruments the perfect stepping stone to future system nodes.

Key Features

  • A spectrum of stage travel of 310x310 mm, which allows complete proficiency in 300 mm wafer exposure
  • A combination of Flexible Stage Speed (FSS) and the "write-on-the-fly" standard ensures high throughput is accomplished
  • Cutting edge completely computerized substrate handling, as well as miniature environment to fulfill the criteria of most advanced resist technologies
  • 50 keV high-resolution electron optics with 1 nm writing/address grid
  • Wafer Mix & Match with optical lithography reinforced by production compatible correction methods
  • Integrated monitoring software for all critical process parameters
  • Rapid data generation that includes flexible Proximity Effect Correction, as well as allocated computing as a result of fast data processing
  • Minimal clean room footprint < 27 m² (SB3050)
  • Throughput can be increased even more with the additional Cell Projection add-on for the SB3055 for simultaneous use of VSB principle

Image Credit: CEA-LETI, France

Image Credit: CEA-LETI, France

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