Electron Beam Lithography System - Vistec SB250


Clients can respond rapidly to industry demands with the Vistec SB250 electron beam lithography system, which has been created as an economical and diverse instrument for direct mask and write production purposes.

It is equipped with a 210 x 210 mm stage travel parameter, making it the perfect instrument for identifying diameters of masks and wafers of up to 7 inches and 200 mm respectively.

The idea of the SB250 allows exposure and management of transparent and non-transparent compound semiconductor materials. The SB250 can be enhanced with ease because of the modular system structure, enabling even better instrument performance.

The miniature cleanroom footprint and the completely computerized substrate handling, in addition to the cutting edge operating and data preparation software, will leave you with no doubt of the high standard that the SB250 Series can achieve and the benefits of  being a member of Vistec modular toolset that is provided to clients in the field and relevant research sector.

Additional benefits of the new SB250 series include the tried and tested Variable Shaped Beam (VSB), "Write-on-the-fly" and Vector Scan writing settings, and the 50 keV shaped-beam column.

Key Features

When special criteria are needed for our clients, we can offer the following features:

  • A range of different substrate types and sizes can be handled by the completely computerized system, this includes substrate pre-alignment
  • Address grid down to 1 nm
  • Mark Detection Software Package or MDSP, such as image field metric
  • Multipass writing
  • Fracturing, additional Proximity Effect Correction (PROXECCO) and fogging correction options are covered by layout data preparation station of up to 256 CPU cores
  • SEMI E95 accommodates a Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The Vistec SB254 is an electron-beam writer that symbolizes the revolutionary advances being made and showcases the outstanding performance of the Vistec SB250 series. For even more advanced throughput production with a resolution of less than 20 nm (HSQ), the Vistec SB254 has a cell projection setting available that allows for joint use with VSB principle.

Image Credit: Fraunhofer ENAS, Germany

Image Credit: Fraunhofer ENAS, Germany

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