4% Yttria-Stabilised Zirconia - Low Thermal Conductivity

Innovnano’s 4YSZ powder offers outstanding resistance to physical and chemical wear, resulting in coatings that can withstand even the most extreme environments.

The incredibly dense, nanostructured powder has been proven to have a low thermal conductivity, making it the ideal choice for the fabrication of thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) via conventional air plasma spraying (APS) or suspension plasma spraying (SPS).

Under independent tests, the TBCs made from Innovnano’s 4YSZ showed that after 10 hours at 1300 °C, there was a ~30% (SPS) and ~20% (APS) reduction in thermal conductivity when compared to the Benchmark. This substantial decrease translates to increased efficiency and durability, as well reduced emissions and costs.

4YSZ in Suspension

4YSZ can be procured either as a submicron powder dispersed in ethanol or as an aqueous suspension.

The powder is easily dispersed, especially in the ethanol suspension. This results in simpler chemistry as no dispersants or other additives are required.

Independent tests were also conducted on the 25% (weight) 4YSZ in suspension. These highlighted its suitability for SPS applications. TBCs that show a good morphology with strain relief structure have significantly lower thermal conductivity properties and improved erosion and thermal cycling resistance.

Spray-Dried 4YSZ Granules

4YSZ can also be purchased as 60 µm (D50) spray-dried free flowing granules either with or without polymeric additives.

The powder is already extensively used for APS applications, which typically use larger 4YSZ granules dispersed into the plasma stream of conventional spray gun torches.

To make for simpler handling and to remove any compatibility issues with your technology or manufacturing equipment, Innovnano can spray dry the 4YSZ powder.

What sets them apart from others is the reduced thermal conductivity of TBCs fabricated from their powders.

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The 4YSZ powder is perfectly suited for the production of thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) for some of the most advanced and demanding industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Automotive

These coatings are essential to protect and insulate vital engineering products and components that are subject to extreme conditions. They are used extensively in turbine engines, acting to:

  • Protect against wear and micro-cracking
  • Prevent oxidation and corrosion
  • Minimize thermal degradation
  • Provide thermal insulation
  • Extend service intervals
  • Improve fuel efficiency by allowing higher burn temperatures

It is desirable for a number of reasons to improve the efficiency of turbines, and one of the ways this can be delivered is to operate them at higher temperatures. As the temperature increases, the fuel combusts more efficiently and the cost is therefore reduced. However, in order to perform at these high temperatures, an effective TBC system must be in place.

Innovnano’s highly dense, nanostructured 4YSZ ceramic powder has very low thermal conductivity at high temperatures, making it the preferred choice of material for TBC ceramic topcoats. ​This allows turbines to be run at a reduced cost for the operator, and a reduced cost to the environment.

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