Monoclinic Zirconia for High-Temperature Ceramic Production

Innovnano has developed a novel method of synthesizing monoclinic zirconia powder which offers superior material characteristics. Using proprietary EDS technology powder is fabricated with an ultrafine nanostructure, high specific surface area, and exceptional sinterability.

Zirconia in its monoclinic phase can be used as an additive, greatly enhancing the properties of refractory materials. There are multiple other applications for zirconia, but it is especially useful at high temperatures.

For materials that have to perform in physically demanding applications, enriching with monoclinic zirconia can bring about great improvements in performance.

Properties and Benefits

Innovnanos monoclinic zirconia powder is of the highest quality and consistency thanks to proprietary EDS technology that gives the powder it's enhanced chemical and physical properties.
It can be bought as either a granulated powder or as a submicron powder dispersed in aqueous suspension with adjustable solid load and pH range. It is free of dispersants and other additives, so suspensions can be used directly or combined with other components.

As a result, ceramic components that are fabricated from the powder are ideal for use in demanding applications at extreme temperatures. The addition of our monoclinic zirconia as a sintering aid in the production of high quality refractory materials can dramatically improve component lifetime and integrity.

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Due to the enhanced properties of Innovnanos monoclinic zirconia powder, it is ideally suited for a range of applications across a variety of industries.

It is perfect for use in refractories thanks to its resilience, strength and resistance to high temperatures. The inherent nanostructure and therefore smaller grain sizes enhance thermal shock properties and improve the phase composition.

  • Sliding gate valves
  • Nozzles and stoppers of transfer/holding ladles
  • Additive to mixed oxide systems
  • Molten metal filters
  • Component in refractory materials

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