Nanoparticle Tracking Analyzer - ViewSizer 3000

The ViewSizer™ 3000 is a real innovation in Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis.

Similar to conventional NTA, the instrument visualizes scattering from distinct nanoparticles in suspension. This data is used to establish particle movement and deduce particle size using the Stokes-Einstein relationship. Particle number concentration is easily established by using the known illuminated and imaged sample volume.

Thus, from a single measurement, two important pieces of information are obtained: particle concentration and particle size distribution.

But the ViewSizer™ 3000 delivers a lot more.

By including three variable light sources (green, blue, and red) the instrument can select the ideal conditions for any sample analysis, overcoming the restrictions of NTA when analyzing polydisperse samples and allowing for a much larger variety of particle sizes to be visualized.

Additionally, by placing the sample in a user-friendly (and clean) cuvette, the ViewSizer™ 3000 can repeatedly ‘analyze and stir’, generating a much more reproducible result. Furthermore, since the sample is viewed in a vertical orientation, it is ideal for visualizing processes such as crystal dissolution or protein aggregation.

Therefore, whether one is using NTA for complex nanoparticle kinetic processes or for the analysis of exosomes or other microvesicles, the ViewSizer™ 3000 is an innovative technology, delivering enhanced analysis to one’s laboratory.

The ViewSizer™ is made by MANTA Instruments and is distributed in many regions of the world by HORIBA.


  • Multiple light sources
  • High-resolution particle size distribution and visualization
  • A wide range of particle sizes in the same sample
  • Ideal for monitoring nanoparticle kinetics

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