Hybrid Fluorescence Solution - DeltaTime TCSPC

The DeltaTime TCSPC lifetime plug-in offers flexibility, acquisition speed, and affordability unavailable in other commercial hybrid fluorescence solutions.

The DeltaTime seamlessly combines polarizers, monochromators, and other accessories with the widest range of sources (laser diodes, LEDs, supercontinuum lasers) and detectors (including NIR), providing lifetime coverage from 25 picoseconds to one second over wavelengths ranging from UV to NIR.

The culmination of over four decades of lifetime experience, the DeltaTime offers the fastest sources of up to 100 MHz, virtually unlimited configurability, the widest lifetime ranges (ps to sec), and advanced lifetime analysis software. The DeltaTime is part of HORIBA’s Delta series and is truly the next generation of fluorescence lifetime systems.


  • Compact - Desktop dimensions
  • Modular - Easily reconfigured as measurement requirements evolve
  • Fast - Lifetime acquisition times from one millisecond
  • Wide range - Resolves lifetimes from 25 ps to one second
  • Accurate – Crystal-locked timing circuits that do not need recalibration
  • Sensitive - Single-photon counting detection
  • Convenient - Single USB 2.0 connection to PC
Spectroscopy in :60 - DeltaDiodes™

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