X-Ray Fluorescence Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzer - SLFA-2100/2800

The SLFA-2100/2800 is specially designed to fulfill the recent challenging requirements of measuring the new low sulfur fuels, RFG, and diesel.

The X-ray fluorescence method can be used to conduct quick and accurate measurements in compliance with the ASTM D4294 method, either in the field or in the lab.

A detection limit of 5 ppm sulfur takes one to new areas of measurement sensitivity. The high-sensitivity analyzer from HORIBA makes fast, accurate measurements of petroleum fuel samples from very low to high sulfur concentrations which covers all the way from gasoline to heavy fuel oils.

With an easy-to-read, large LCD screen, alphanumeric keypad, simple function keys, and other features; the SLFA-2100/2800 series is highly user-friendly.

The SLFA-2800 features an automated turntable to measure up to eight samples without manual supervision, whereas the SLFA-2100 is a single-sample version.


  • Calibration graphs have been extended and the analyzer automatically chooses out of seven scales (0.002/0.01/0.05/…/10%).
  • Broad measurement range (0 to 9.999%) is acceptable for high sulfur content such as in heavy oil, or very small sulfur content as in diesel oil.
  • High-precision measurement (repeatability: 1.6 ppm, lower detection limit: 5 ppm). With the miniature X-ray tube, very precise results can be obtained without the purging of He or other gases. This system also incorporates a correction function for atmospheric pressure and temperature without the purging of He.
  • Standards applied to device measurement functions are as follows: JIS B7995(Japan), JIS K2541, ISO 8754, ASTM D4294(USA)
  • The SLFA-2800 is available with a turntable, which enables sequential measuring of up to eight samples.

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