Multi-Specimen Mechanical Stimulation Bioreactor - BioDynamic 5200

The BioDynamic® test instruments use ElectroForce® technology to allow monitoring of multiple specimens at once. These specimens may include a variety of tissues and biomaterials, and the instrument also facilitates reproducible mechanical stimulation, for statistical characterization of these specimens.

Alongside multi-mover capabilities for tension/compression loading and dynamic (pulsatile) flow stimulation, multi-specimen BioDynamic instruments from TA ElectroForce unlock novel research avenues for advanced tissue engineering and biomaterials research.

Key Features

  • Adaptable chambers adjustable for blood vessels, cardiac muscle, bone, cartilage, meniscus, spinal discs, ligaments, tendons, and skin.
  • Multi-chamber system with independent media loops and controlled loading of all samples to calculate statistical inconsistency
  • Multi-axial loading capabilities and characterization of mechanical properties


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