High-Precision Analysis of Friction and Wear of Lubricants and Materials - Universal Fretting

The Fretting Tester is built for high-precision testing of friction and wear of lubricants and materials.

The Electromagnetic actuator produces sinosodial motion of up to 500 Hz from 5 µm to 5 mm.


Rigid platform
Ultra high data acquisition
Floor standing
Closed loop down force control
Perform multiple ISO, ASTM, DIN tests

Inline Friction

Piezo sensors to measure friction even at 500 Hz oscillation speeds

Electromagnetic Actuator

Voice coil
5 µm to 5 mm
Ultra high precision control

Real Time Stroke Control

LVDT sensors to monitor and rectify stroke on each oscillation

Unmatched Waveform Control

The flexure-based design, without the friction of bearings, provides the control needed for the most sensitive of tests.


The exceptional flexure suspension guides the magnet assembly without lubrication or contact. The magnet, coil, and stators are built to eliminate performance degradation over time and provide close to maintenance-free operation.

Environmental Chambers

Temperature, high pressure, vacuum, humidity, and Tribo corrosion chambers

Various Sizes to Meet Application Requirement

The tester’s design allows a broad range of forces and displacements

  • Maximum forces ranging from 10 N up to 3 kN

Environmental Chambers

With its efficient bearing free design, the fretting tester is engineered to be used in different controlled environmental chambers—temperature (up to 1000 °C) and humidity (5 to 95% RH)

In-line Sensors

Sensors such as acoustic emission to spot start of cracks and ECR to measure surface resistance change shed more light on the test interface

High-Accuracy Position Sensor and Control

The most precise and accurate displacement sensor control available commercially

  • Up to 1 nm resolution and micron level of accuracy
  • Very low noise

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