Evaluate Diesel Fuel Lubricity - HFRR

The HFRR testers are tribology and mechanical testers used in research, development, and industry.


Floor standing/Benchtop
Rigid platform
Ultra high data acquisition
Closed loop down force control

Stroke and Frequency

Program the desired frequency and stroke
5 µm to 2.0 mm
5 to 500 Hz

Temperature Control

Ambient to 200 °C
Programmable control


Perform multiple ISO, ASTM, DIN tests
Up to 100N (more ranges available)


The High-Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR) (ASTM D6079) is designed to assess diesel fuel lubricity. The ball is made to rub against the disk 1mm stroke at a frequency of 50 Hz for 75 minutes. Real-time down force control, piezo sensors are used to measure inline friction, which makes this module highly reliable and repeatable.

Close loop down force control with different load profiles—constant, step, linear

Various size liquid containers

Tests can be performed on collected samples from field or for research purpose

Film formation analyzed by electrical contact potential (ECR) changes

Rapid, highly repeatable measurements

Fully automated computer controlled

Easy to calibrate, provided with standard oil and samples

Temperature and humidity control and monitoring

Easy to use, clean and operate.


5 to 500 Hz  


5 µm to 2.0 mm            


0 to 50 N (other ranges available)


Ambient to 200 °C

Standard Upper Specimen

6.0 mm diameter ball (universal ball holder 1.6 mm to 9 mm available)

Standard Lower Specimen

10.0 mm diameter x 3.0 mm thick disc (universal sample holder can house several more dimensions)

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