Preventing Exposure from Hazardous Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Sulfide Gas

The T40 Rattler™ is a cost-effective, maintenance-free single-gas detector that has been developed to protect workers from hazardous carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulfide gas exposure. It can operate in the most extreme conditions and offers the following key features:

  • Low cost CO or H2S monitoring
  • 1,500 hours of run time on a single AA alkaline battery
  • Lightweight, compact instrument
  • Peak/hold feature

The T40 Rattler™ offers an array of features usually only present in larger, multi-gas monitors. It includes a large, liquid crystal display (LCD), clear audible and visual alarms, simple push-button operation and an internal vibrating alarm.

The device’s monitor will constantly display ambient hydrogen sulfide or carbon monoxide readings, shown in PPM, alerting users where these concentrations exceed high or low levels. Alarm setpoints are fully adjustable, and the unit also offers calibration gas values alongside the choice a of text-only display that can be activated via a quick push-button process.

The T40 Rattler™ includes a peak/hold feature that will highlight the highest reading during a shift, and also comes fitted with a patented flip-cap calibration adapter that allows for fast and easy calibration. The device can run for up to 1,500 hours on just one AA battery (included) and comes covered with a two year warranty, active from the date of manufacture.

T40 size comparison

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