Increasing Large Scale Measurements with AutoATR

Pike Technologies has recently introduced the AutoATR, a product that has already been shown to significantly improve production rates of large-scale studies by facilitating routine measurements that are required in high-throughput labs.

Additionally, the AutoATR can perform Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) measurements within a variety of samples including liquids, gels, pastes, casted films, and much more. The AutoATR utilizes a novel ATR crystal that has been developed by microtechnology with a 24-well microtiter plate platform that provides the user with precision mechanics and automated software control. The 24-well microtiter plate platform allows for 24 unique ATR measurements to be acquired in a single run.

Product Specifications

  • Hardware and software package provided for automated ATR analysis
  • Produces spectra that is comparable to that which is provided in a single reflection ZnSe or diamond ATR
  • ATR elements are both removable and replaceable
  • Front-loading tray has a fully enclosed and purgeable design

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