Automated Hydraulic PressPRO for KBr Pellet Making

The PIKE PressPRO microprocessor-controlled automated hydraulic press provides users with a unique consistency for numerous hydraulic press applications, such as KBr pellet making. The integrated touch-screen control panel found on this hydraulic press allows the user to easily incorporate both pressure and corresponding hold time as required.

Additionally, a wide access door found on the PressPRO is equipped with both an impact resistant and polycarbonate window, as well as a safety interlock that prevents operation while the door is open, thereby improving the safety of this hydraulic press when being used in a busy laboratory environment. The function of this access door allows the user to easily insert and remove the pellet press.

Moreover, an easy top screw adjustment found on the press accelerates the time required to produce the pellet by reducing the amount of time in which the desired force is established.

Product Specifications

  • Maximum clamp force: 15 U.S. tons
  • Up to four pressure hold times and ramps can be programmed within a single run
  • Can be used for both short and tall die designs
  • Optimal ram stroke: 0.45 inches


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