Modular Real-Time Data Acquisition System - ADwin-PRO-II

The ADwin-PRO-II is the latest, most-advanced generation in the ADwin-Pro family. The system's novel T12 processing unit operates faster and uses a new Pro II bus to transmit data at 10 times the rate. The PRO-II backplane can interface with both older modules, such as Pro I, or with new Pro II and Pro I/O modules.

  • The T12 processor has a clock speed of 1 GHz, a 64-bit internal calculator for increased precision, and internal memory of 1 GB for data and program storage. The processor is powered by a Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9.
  • The bandwidth of the bus (at 200 MByte/s) increases the capacity for internal traffic
  • The Ethernet interface of the T12 has been accelerated to facilitate the rapid transfer of data to a computer, at rates exceeding 1 Gb/s

A Compatible Data Acquisition System

Despite its great performance the ADwin-Pro-II remains compatible with other systems. The new Pro-II system and older Pro-II systems can integrate with the ADwin-Pro-II through the backplane.

Data can also be transferred to a PC and can connect with data interfaces (e.g. Matlab, VB). The rapid processing speed of the ADwin-Pro-II can be used to run existing algorithms and to reuse ADbasic source code.

Real-Time Data Acquisition

The rapid speed of the ADwin-Pro-II facilitates its use in applications with require fast data exchange and the powerful T12 processor allows important data and mathematical functions to be pre-selected, and digital channels to be filtered.

The ADwin-Pro-II modules are automatically synced, which enables fully-synchronized time measurements via multiple modules with no need for specialized software.

Housing Types for All Cases

The Pro-II is provided in a variety of different robust cases depending on the application requirements such as a lab-based desktop system, a mounted panel system or a portable system for in-the-field measurements.

The 5-16 slots and large variety of different modules are a great foundation for rapid, real time applications.

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