Universal Input Data Logger - DT85

The Series 4 model of the data Taker DT85 has an enhanced measurement range and sampling speed, and programmable analog output.

The DT85 is an independent, low-powered data logger with high versatility, allowing it to used in many applications. The system has a range of communications abilities, an 18-bit resolution display, and data can be collected on a USB.

The Dual Channel design of the DT85 facilitates connections to either 48 referenced analog inputs, or 32 isolated inputs, to be used in different combinations. The system can support many different SDI-12 sensor networks, FTP and Web interfaces and Modbus for SCADA systems. The DT85 is a self-contained solution with 12 V power sensors output.

Varied Measurement

Sensor arrays can be connected to one another either through digital or analog channels with rapid counter or phase encoder inputs and programmable serial sensor channels.

The system allows the scaling of variables such as resistance, voltage, current, 4-20 mA loops, frequency, temperature, and digital, serial and calculated measurements. The scaled variables are logged and returned in units or reported statistically.

The system allows control tasks, alarms, sampling and logging to be pre-set to suit requirements. The DT85 can also be interfaced with smart sensors, intelligent devices and GPS to increase flexibility.

Superior Data Storage and Communications

A standard DT85 system can store up to 10 million data points meaning as much data can be logged as required, this capacity can also be increased if needed. If memory does reach capacity logging can either be stopped or overwritten. Data can be extracted from the machine to USB memory or transferred via Email/FTP, for further analysis or in the event of an alarm.

Communications are further provided in the form of Ethernet, RS232 and USB functions which allow direct, local interfacing to a computer or to the Internet via a modem. The DT85’s web interface allows remote system configuration, viewing of the real-time data stream and remote access to logged data.

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