Universal Input Data Logger - DT80

The next generation of the DT80 – series 4 – delivers a greater measurement range, the ability to program the system’s analog output and an increased sampling speed.

The DT80 is highly versatile, with a robust casing allowing it be used in many different applications. The system has powerful communications abilities, USB interfacing and a built in display with 16-bit resolution.

The DT80 is built with Dual Channel technology which facilitates connections to up to 10 isolated inputs or 15 common referenced analog inputs (in combinations). The system supports several different SDI-12 networks, FTP and Web interfaces and Modbus for SCADA systems, along with a regulated 12V output to power sensors this makes the system a complete solution.

Varied Measurements

Sensor arrays can be connected through the variety of different digital and analog channels, phase encoder and counter inputs and programmable sensor channels.

The system allows the scaling and logging of many parameters including the voltage, temperature, current and 4-20 mA loops, bridges, resistance, strain gauges and frequency. All logging and calculated measurements can be reported statistically or reported to engineering units.

Sampling, alarm, control and logging tasks can all be set up to meet your needs and interfaces for modern technologies such as GPS, smart sensors and intelligent devices expands the ability of the DT80 series.

Enhanced Communications and Data Capacity

Using the standard DT80 unit up to 10 million data points can be stored meaning as much data as needed can be logged – if more space is needed this is also expandable.

Once capacity is reached the machine will either stop logging or begin to overwrite, depending on which is preferable. Archiving of data sets is made possible via the USB interface or email transfer. Additionally the system can also interface to a computer via an RS232 or Ethernet connection, or if connected to a modem the system can be accessed remotely.

Remote access facilitates full data access, real-time measurements and configuring the system.

Universal Input Data Logger - DT80

Datataker DT80 Universal Input Data Logger Tilted
Datataker DT80 Universal Input Data Logger Side

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