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Non-Reversible Humidity Sensor Card for SMDs - Humitector Type 2

The Humitector™ Type 2 Humidity Indicator Card, used along with a Desi Pak® desiccant, can help provide a full history of a dry pack environment for moisture sensitive surface mount devices (SMDs) (moisture sensitive device-MSD). It adheres with IPC/JEDEC standard, J-STD-033D. The Humitector Type 2 is cobalt dichloride free and low halogen.


  • Humitector™ Type 2 non-reversible humidity indicator card
  • 60% non-reversible indicator spot offers a perfect permanent visual signal that moisture sensitive surface mount devices have been exposed to humidity for an extended period of time
  • Conforms to the newest revision of the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council IPC/JEDEC standard, J-STD-O33D
  • Low-halogen and cobalt dichloride free, a chemical regulated under European Chemical Bureau (ECB) REACH directives
  • Meet or surpass applicable ECB regulations
  • Easy to use with common applications of dry packing (humidity indicator card, moisture barrier bag, desiccant, moisture sensitive label) of moisture sensitive surface mount devices - MSDs, SMDs

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