Advanced Surface Finish and Diameter Measurement with Form Talysurf PGI NOVUS

The PGI NOVUS system is based on advanced, novel technology. The system uses a dual bias gauge to take diameter and angle measurements. Surface finish measurements can be taken in both normal and inverted directions at the same speeds.

The gauge has also been designed to provide more flexible measurements – this means the PGI NOVUS is capable of measuring small, medium and large complex parts.

PGI NOVUS has been designed to be the most stable measurement system available – allowing researchers to collect accurate, precise and repeatable results.

The instrument is offered in three different unique options, each of which is designed for use in different environments, from the lab to the production floor. These different models, in addition with optional add-ons, ensure every user’s needs will be met.

Metrology 4.0 – Novel software to Help Manufacturers

Metrology 4.0 is a brand-new software which provides a virtual display, for at a glance monitoring, and real-time control of metrology systems. The combination of real-time simulation with true part coordinates facilitates a new level of control in the metrology industry.

The new software functionality ensures that real time measurement can be tracked through on-screen profile. A range of different modes that offer basic elements such
as recordable part programming and an advanced toolbox of programmable features including variables. This function allows one program to be created for a set of parts of differing sizes. It minimizes the level of effort and training required for operators while maintains the highest measurement precision.

Greg Roper, Surface Product Manager.

Key Applications

  • Measurement of bearings – 4 point contact, roller and spherical bearings
  • Straightness and seat angle measurement of fuel injectors
  • Axial measurement of ball screws – both sides for pitch circle diameter (PCD)
  • Measurement of multiple parts using just one program.

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