Performing Advanced Force Spectroscopy Investigations with the Flex-Bio

Nanosurf’s Flex-Bio AFM system is designed to provide the necessary information for life science research. It is a versatile and flexible atomic force microscope that integrates key technologies and components to manage life science and biological applications easily.

Combined with the C3000 controller, the Flex-Bio offers high levels of precision using the FlexAFM scan head. Scientists involved in life science studies can gain from using the Flex-Bio system that immediately delivers the required data, regardless of the tasks at hand.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Advanced force spectroscopy investigations
  • Upgradable to FluidFM and Flex-ANA
  • Compatibility with inverted microscopes
  • Correlate fluorescence, topology, and biomechanical properties in a single package


  • Imaging of biological samples on an inverted microscope in liquid and air
  • Advanced force spectroscopy

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