Flex-FPM for Printed Electronics

The FluidFM Probe Microscope from Nanosurf is a state-of-the-art tool that integrates AFM and nanofluidics. It redefines control and application opportunities in single-cell micromanipulation and beyond by combining the unique possibilities of nanofluidics by Cytosurge with the positional precision and force sensitivity of the atomic force microscope.

The fundamentals for conducting Fluid Force Microscopy are an inverted microscope, hollow cantilevers, a FlexAFM scan head with controller, and FlexAFM Inverted Microscope Option. Nanosurf Flex-FPM is an exceptional add-on product to the Nanosurf FlexAFM.

Key Features

  • A full package that includes a fully integrated intuitive control software, a liquid dispensing/pressure control unit, and consumables like liquid tubing and other microfabricated hollow cantilever types
  • Offers excellent pressure, force, volume, and position control to permit object manipulations or low volume local fluid delivery/collection
  • Comprises three operating modes, such as inject and extract, dispense and deliver, and pick and place
  • Offers advanced applications in the field of printed electronics, biosensors, optics, nanopatterning, and single cell biology

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