9700A Superconducting Magnet for Characterizing Physical Properties in Semiconductors

Lake Shore’s 9700A Superconducting Magnet is supported by the company’s long history of over 20 years in developing materials characterization systems. Lake Shore combines technologies from precision electronics, flexible software, variable magnetic field, and temperature, while also providing a wide resistance range into the most advanced HMS.

Lake Shore’s fully integrated Hall effect measurement systems (HMS) are useful for characterizing the physical properties of semiconductors, as well as other types of electronic materials including magnetoresistors, multilayer magnetic films, dilute magnetic semiconductors, superconductors, and spintronics devices.

This tool is available in a wide variety of electromagnet-based configurations that range in the field from 2 T or 9 T, which is a particularly powerful superconducting magnet-based configuration. As an ideal system for the most demanding materials research applications, product development, and quality control, Lake Shore offers a wide variety of additional options that can further expand the functionality of the 9700A.

Product Features

  • Standard sample resistance range: 0.04 mΩ - 200 GΩ
  • Fields to 9 T
  • Temperature Range: 2 K to 400 K
  • Quantitative Mobility Spectrum Analysis (QMSA®) software
    • Resolves individual carrier mobilities and densities in multi-carrier devices, such as quantum wells and high electronic mobility transistors (HEMTs)
  • Anomalous Hall Effect measurements for spintronics
    • Useful for dilute magnetic semiconductors and ferromagnetic metallic alloys

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