Eliminating Manual Cleaning with Lavamin

The Lavamin

As an innovative and stand-alone cleaning unit, the Lavamin has been specifically designed to be utilized with Struers specimen holders and mover plates that measure up to 160 millimeters (mm) in diameter.

As a fully automatic cleaning unit, the Lavamin is equipped with patent-pending technology that reduces the need for any user intervention. The cleaning capabilities of the Lavamin include a combination of ultrasound and water rinsing that is then followed by high-speed spin drying.

With three available program options, the Lavamin allows the user to determine the specific grinding or polishing requirements that will ensure a perfect result following each cleaning cycle.

Product Features

  • Stand-alone cleaning unit
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Safe
  • Three available program options
  • Fully automated cleaning process
    • Saves up to 20% of total sample preparation time
    • Eliminates the need to move specimens for cleaning purposes
  • Does not require cleaning agents or alcohol during cleaning cycle
    • No effects from soap and alcohol
    • No potential environmental impacts
  • High speed drying process

Eliminating Manual Cleaning with Lavamin

Lavamin - Picture 1
Lavamin - Picture 2
Lavamin - Picture 3
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Lavamin - Picture 6
Lavamin - Picture 7
Three cleaning programs
High speed drying process
No use of soap
No use of alcohol

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