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Concrete Reinforcing Steels with Unmatched Value - ChrōmX 9000 Series

About the ChrōmX 9000 Series

The ChrōmX® 9000 Series consists of the ChrōmX 9100 and 9120 concrete reinforcing steels that exhibit high strength and corrosion resistance properties capable of solving challenges that are often associated with the difficult design and construction of structures.

By utilizing ChrōmX 9000 steel, architects and building managers can relieve rebar congestion, reduce material requirements and ultimately reduce their costs significantly in terms of both construction time and related labor.

Furthermore, the corrosion resistant properties of the ChrōmX 9000 Series extends the service life of these materials while also reducing the life cycle cost for concrete structures, particularly those which are present in highly corrosive environments.

Since the ChrōmX 9000 Series steel bar exhibits these corrosion resistant properties without requiring an additional coating, building owners do not have any additional special handling costs, coating inspections and repair.

High Strength and Ductility

The unique microstructure of the ChrōmX 9000 Series of reinforcing steel materials yields strengths of 100 and 120 ksi yield within the specification of ASTM A1035. Furthermore, this material also maintains excellent ductility and tensile-to-yield ratios that are above 1.25. The design guidance for using high strength steels that exhibit strengths as high as 100 ksi within the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, as well as ACI ITG-6R, ICC-ES AC429 and ICC-ES ESR-2107.

As a result of these properties, professionals who design bridges and other concrete structures can benefit from the use of this type of Grade 100 steel. By utilizing the ChrōmX 9000 steel, users can benefit from the high strength properties of this material and reduce their initial material costs, construction time requirements and related labor costs, as well as solve rebar congestion issues as a result of the following parameters:

  • Reducing Steel and Concrete Volumes
  • Improving Concrete Pouring Efficiencies
  • Lowering Rebar Placing Costs
  • Reducing Placing Time
  • Lowering Cage Weights
  • Saving on Couplers
  • Improving Jobsite Transit, Storage and Logistics

US-6 White River Bridge, UT - Deck Reinforcement

Corrosion Protection: 100+ Years of Service Life

The ChrōmX 9000 Series of reinforcing steels have been independently proven to exceed the 100 year service life without requiring extensive repairs throughout its service life. As a result, this steel product is currently being specified in numerous bridge and infrastructure projects by many DOTs and public agencies across North America.

Owners and building designers have recognized that traditional rebar materials are not able to withstand potentially corrosive environments for extended periods of time; therefore, there has been a pressing interest for these industries to avoid the burden associated with high maintenance costs required to repair these structures.

While solid stainless-steel rebar is capable of meeting this life time requirement, it has been found that the higher price of this material is significantly comparable to the ChrōmX 9000 rebar that also offers users with the same impressive service life  

Smart Money – Life Cycle Cost

Prudent owners, as well as experienced design and construction professionals, have become increasingly interested in not only the initial cost of materials, but also with choosing the best reinforcing steel options available to them.

By using life cycle cost analyses, many public agencies and private owners have determined that the use of more advanced materials, such as ChrōmX 9000 rebar, can save both the company and taxpayers millions of dollars. They prevent the costs associated with future maintenance and rehabilitation procedures, especially when compared to when standard or epoxy coated rebar materials are used for the same purpose.

In conclusion, researchers estimate that the benefits associated with using ChrōmX 9000 rebar can be realized within the first 20-30 years, which is typically when repairs are required in the event that traditional steel materials are used.

No Special Handling Requirements

What is particularly unique about the ChrōmX 9000 Series steel is that its corrosion protective properties are achieved without requiring an additional coating to the steel material. As a result, building owners and designers can completely eliminate the costs that are associated with labor intensive special handling requirements, field coating inspections and repairs, as well as any potential special fabrication needs that are typically required for coated rebar.

Furthermore, the exceptional ductile high strength of ChrōmX 9000 steels allows the rebar to be cut and bent through the use of standard fabrication equipment and accepted industry practices. ChrōmX 9000 steels also provide users with an ease of construction that is typically found in standard grade black bar, while simultaneously providing users with all of the benefits and superior performance of a technically advanced product.

Product Specifications

  • ASTM A1035: “Standard Specification for Deformed and Plain, Low-Carbon, Chromium, Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement”
    • Grade 100 or 120
  • AASHTO M 334M/M 334: “Standard Specification for Uncoated, Corrosion Resistance, Deformed and Plain Chromium Alloyed, Billet-Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement and Dowels”
  • ICC-ES ESR 2107: “ICC-ES Report for ChrōmX 9100, 4100, and 2100 Grade 100 Steel Reinforcing Bars”
  • ICC-ES AC429: “Acceptance Criteria for High Strength Steel Reinforcing Bars Conforming to ASTM A1035 in Accordance to ACI ITG 06 and ACI 318”*
  • “AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications”: Bridge Design Code for Using ChrōmX Steel Grade 100 [690 MPa] Steel Rebars for Bridge Structures
  • UNS Code: K81550 Alloy Steel (CS)
  • AASHTO MP 18

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