Metal Primer with Simple Brush or Wipe Application

SciGrip’s MP100 is a surface treatment metal primer that functions to clean, chemically convert and prepare stainless steel and aluminum surfaces for permanent bonding.

Product Features

  • Can be applied by using a simple brush or wipe application
  • Dries rapidly
  • Mild solvent action
  • Aggressively etches and chemically converts material surfaces
  • Cleans metal surface prior to chemical conversion
  • Reduces the adverse effects of chemical conversion processes, such as:
    • Surface corrosion
    • Chemically-linked adhesives onto metal surface
  • Simplified application
  • Allows users to visually inspect materials to ensure the surface is ready for bonding

The MP100 Product Series

Product Mixed Color WT Sizes SDS
MP100 Red 5-10 minutes 1 pint bottle SDS

WT - Working Time|Cart - Cartridge|Comp - Component
TFT - Tack Free Time|SL - Shelf Life

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