Eddy Current (ECT) Pencil Probes - Absolute

All the Eddy Current (ECT) probes from ETher NDE are manufactured in-house. The company facilitates customization of the probes to match the exact non-destructive testing (NDT) application such that even a basic Pencil Probe becomes specific to the customer.

ETher NDE has the most common Eddy Current (EC) Pencil Probes 'on-stock', therefore they guarantee rapid delivery on these probes, meaning that customers can be back to inspecting in the quickest possible time.

Key Features of ETher NDE’s Absolute Pencil Probes

  • Featuring a plastic handle made from Delrin with neoprene rubber rings and finger scallops for comfortable and stress-free handling, leading to a more reliable and accurate inspection
  • Double shielded for use near materials edges and vertical metal faces (mass effect) with both an outer stainless and an inner ferrite shielding
  • Equally applicable to the high-frequency surface inspection of ferromagnetic and non-ferrous material
  • Dis-connectable using a microdot connector for quick changeover
  • Locking four-way Lemo connector available with Inbal probes
  • Inbal probes feature an internal balance load and thus streamline setup and offer the ultimate in signal-to-noise ratio permitting smaller defects to be detected
  • Standard probe frequencies available with a broad range of operating frequency 200 kHz (50-600 kHz), 500 kHz (150 k-1.5 MHz), 2 MHz (650 k-6 MHz) and 6 MHz (2-18 MHz) meaning a single probe can be used for a wider range of applications
  • Each frequency (excluding 6 MHz) available in standard and fine tip size
  • Probes provided as standard with fixed dimensions but can be supplied in a number of other configurations

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