Thread Inspection Probes (Unshielded) – Absolute

The Thread Inspection Probes from ETher NDE are designed for use in the inspection of external and internal thread sections. Chisel and pointed tips make them suitable for spotting cracks propagating in the root areas.

Key Features and Specifications for the Thread Inspection Probe

  • Micro connector
  • Disconnectable
  • Operating range – 200 kHz (50 kHz–600 kHz),  500 kHz (150 kHz–1.5 MHz), 2 MHz  – (650 kHz–6 MHz)
  • Center frequency range – 200 kHz 500 kHz, 2 MHz
  • Used on Fe and NFe applications


Custom-made versions are available in saddle, thread plugs, and large thread versions.


Unshielded Absolute Thread Inspection Probes – For crack detection in internal and external threads

Please note...

This range of probes is provided with either a chiseled or pointed tip.

Thread Inspection Probes (Unshielded) - Absolute

Straight - External Threads (Bolts)
90 Degree Crank - External and Internal Threads (Bolts And Nuts)
65 Degree Crank – Internal Thread (Nuts)

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