Rotating Probes - Reflection

The Rotating Probes (Reflection) from ETher NDE are provided in two options - Rigid Stainless Steel and Delrin Flexible. The Rigid stainless steel probes provide high wear resistance, while flexible probes are used in areas where hole tolerances are poor and access is not directly in-line with the hole.

Rigid Stainless Steel

Rigid Stainless Steel

Delrin Flexible

Delrin Flexible

Key Features and Specifications of the Rotating Probes

  • Frequency range from 200 kHz to 2 MHz
  • Comes in rigid stainless steel and Delrin flexible options
  • Probe diameters from 1.6 to 50 mm, available in 0.01 mm steps
  • Fischer connector to GE, Hocking, Rohmann, and Foerster drive units


  • Available in a wide variety of diameters
  • Counter-sink and counter-bore options are also available


Differential Rotating Probes - For internal diameter inspection of countersinks, bore holes, and counterbores.

*Please note - When placing an order for the Rotating Probes, 0.1 mm is automatically taken off probe diameter during manufacture, this should be good for a typical hole condition and manufacturing tolerances. Where tolerances are poor enable greater clearance.

Example: To inspect a ∅12.7 (1/2”) hole a ∅12.7 probe should be ordered which will be manufactured to a ∅12.6.

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