Internal Diameter (ID) Probes and ID Dis-Connectable Cables

ETher NDE’s range of ID probes is built together with ETher NDE’s cables to offer the perfect options when working in the field. With ETher NDE’s dis-connectable cables, if either the probe or cable fails, the operator can easily switch them for another and continue with their inspection, thus minimizing interruption to the inspection and the cost of having to replace both the cable and the probe.

Key Features for ETher NDE’s Internal Diameter (ID) Probes

  • Probe diameters from 7.5 to 150 mm, available in 0.1 mm steps
  • Cable lengths from 3.0 to 30 m
  • Dis-connectable and integral probe cables
  • Frequency range from 1.4 kHz to 1.5 MHz, center frequencies 2.7, 10, 24, 76, 190, 400 kHz
  • Cross-axis and driver/pickup options also available on request
  • Connector options to suit most types of equipment
  • Three cable options - PVC Push/Pull (rigid), Polyurethane (semi-rigid), and Flexible


  • Wide range of instrument connectors supported
  • Robust and dependable design with stainless steel end caps to provide longer lifespan
  • Choice of probe frequencies to guarantee best results
  • Dis-connectable cable options guarantee maximum on-site availability
  • Choice of cable options available


Differential ID Probes: For internal diameter tube inspection, perfect for inspecting nonferrous tubular heat exchangers, air conditioning, condensers, etc.

Internal Diameter (ID) Probes and ID Dis-Connectable Cables

ID Probe
Rigid Push/Pull Id Dis-Connectable Cable
Flexible ID Dis-Connectable Cable

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