Measuring Thin Films on Curved Samples - MProbe VisHC

When acquiring measurements of thin films, particularly when samples are curbed, large and/or difficult to place or move, special probes are often required. To resolve this issue, the MP- FLVis manual probe, which is equipped with a soft rubber padding and a fiberoptics cable connected to a measuring unit, can be directly placed onto the product to easily acquire accurate measurements.

Backside Reflection

The MP-FLVis probe is particularly for applications in which the film is deposited onto relatively thin and transparent substrate that often requires backside reflection, which often occurs as a result of coating present on the backside of the film, to be eliminated. Some examples of these types of films include:

  • Hardcoats on eyeglass lenses
  • Hardcoats or anti-fog coats on head/rear automotive lights
    • Covers
    • Lenses

Ease of Use

Through just one-click, users can easily measure and analyze their data. Additionally, with an automatic adjustment of integration time, this probe comes with powerful software tools that both correct and optimize measured data.


  • Standalone software included
  • Display residual color
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Measurement history for recall and display (plots and statistics)
  • Microprocessor controlled light source with 10000+ hours lifetime
  • Free software update for 12 months
  • Compare and evaluate multiple reflectance spectra


Measuring Thin Films on Curved Samples - MProbe VisHC

Hardcoat measurement. HC and IPL (interpenetration layer) thicknesses are determined
Measurement of HC on rear-light (red) covers
Measurement of anti-fog coating on lens

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