The Measurement of Translucent or Lightly Absorbing Films - MProbe VisHR

The MProbe VisHR is a useful probe that can quickly and reliably measure translucent or and/or lightly absorbing films. These types of films include, but are not limited to: Oxides, Nitrides, Photoresists, Semiconductors (Si, aSi, polySi), Polymers, Polymer coatings (Paralene, PMMA, Polyamides), Hard coatings (SiC, DLC) and many more.

LCD, FPD application: ITO, Cell Gaps, Polyamides.

Optical Coatings: Dielectric filters, Hardness coating, Anti-reflection coating

Semiconductor and dielectrics: Oxides, Nitrides, OLED stack

Product Features

  • Thickness Range: 1 mm - 400 mm
  • Wavelength Range: 700 nm - 1100 nm
  • Real time measurement and analysis
    • Capable of analyzing various types of films, such as those whose layers are:
      • Multi-layer
      • Thick
      • Freestanding
      • Nonuniform
  • Over 500 materials library
    • User can easily add new materials
    • Supports parameterized materials:
      • Cauchy
      • Tauc-Lorentz
      • Cody-Lorentz
      • EMA
  • Flexible Interface:
    • Desktop or in-situ
    • R&D on inline
    • Can be easily integrated with external system through the use of a TCP Modbus interface
  • Both thickness and optical constants are easily measured
  • User friendly
    • Measurement and analysis is achieved through one-click
  • Powerful tools:
    • Simulation & sensitivity
    • Background
    • Scaling correction
    • Linked layers and materials
    • Multi-sample measurements
    • Dynamic measurement
    • Production batch processing

What is Included in the Box?

  1. Main unit (spectrometer/light source/electronics)
  2. Reflectance probe VisNIR
  3. Sample Holder SH200A with VisACH focusing lens
  4. Calibration set
  5. TFCompanion -RA software
  6. Power adapter and USB cable


The Measurement of Translucent or Lightly Absorbing Films - MProbe VisHR

Measurement of PET film with layers
MProbe system (desktop configuration)
Reflectance spectrum from PET (95 µm) with three coated layers.
Measurement results of PET with 3 layers. Peak positions indicate layer thicknesses. Measured parameters: thickness of PET and 3 layers (2.9/20/13/96 µm(PET))

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