Flexible Modular System for Thin Film Measurement - MProbe UVVISNIR

The MProbe UVVisNIR is a flexible modular system that has both separate UVVis and NIR modules, both of which can be used either independently or together, depending upon the specific needs of the user. Additionally, users may also incorporate an optional transmittance accessory if transmittance measurement is required.

The MProbe UVVisNIR can quickly and reliably measure translucent and/or lightly absorbing films. These types of films include, but are not limited to: Oxides, Photoresists, Nitrides, Semiconductors (Si, aSi, polySi), Polymers, Compound Semiconductors (AlGaAsm InGaAs, CdTe, CIGS), Hard Coatings (SiC, DLC), Polymer Coatings (Paralene, PMMA, Polyamides), thin metal films, adhesives and many more.

Product Features

  • Thickness Range: 1 nm- 150 mm
  • Wavelength Range: 200 nm -1700 nm
  • Spot size: 0.5 mm
  • 500+ material library
    • User can easily add new materials
    • Supports parameterized materials:
      • Cauchy
      • Tauc-Lorentz
      • Cody-Lorentz
      • EMA
  • Flexible:
    • Can be easily integrated with external software
  • Thickness, optical constants and surface roughness can be easily measured
  • Unlimited number of layers can be analyzed
  • Spectra:
    • Reflectance
    • Optional transmittance
  • User friendly
    • Measurement and analysis is achieved through one-click
  • Powerful tools:
    • Simulation & sensitivity
    • Background
    • Scaling correction
    • Linked layers and materials
    • Multi-sample measurements
    • Dynamic measurement
    • Production batch processing
  • Measurement Time:
    • Typically < 50 ms
    • 15 Hz speed
      • Continuous measurement
  • Spectral range: 700-1100 nm

Clean room class 1000 design

What is Included in the Box?

  1. MProbe UVVis and NIR main units
  2. UV/NIR mixed reflectance probe (5 legs)
  3. SH200A stage with UV Quartz focusing lens
  4. Calibration set (Si wafer/ black pad and Al mirror)
  5. 200 nm oxide test wafer
  6. TFCompanion -RA software
  7. Power adapters and USB cables

Basic Options / Specification

Flexible Modular System for Thin Film Measurement - MProbe UVVISNIR

Reflectance and transmittance measurement 1 µm oxide on sapphire slide (200-1700nm wavelength range)
Clean room class 1000 design
SH200A stage with transmittance (-TO) accessor installed instead of the reflectance configuration

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